5 Golden Rules For Composing A Great Argumentative Essay

If you are planning to give GMAT then you ought to be ready to write the argumentative essay. The argumentative essay is one of the best ways to judge a student’s writing style, ideas, grasp of English language, quality of examples and relevance to the topic. Indeed, it is a great way to judge a student’s analytical skills.

The five golden rules for composing a great argumentative essay is mentioned below:-


You can never go wrong with this one. Avoid making up data as you will be proved wrong. You should research on the internet about topics. If you want to give relevant examples and strong logical reasoning in your argumentative essay then made up data should be avoided. Write down sound and logical sentences in the essay to score points.

Subtle and Logical

The argumentative essay should be written keeping practicality, logic and simplicity in mind. Avoid ambiguity and irrelevant examples to support the argument. Choose the right words and phrases so that it shows your analytical bent and command over the language. This is not the test for you to sound scholarly. Essays are very long and uninteresting so you should make sure your essay is very gripping and logical.

Flawed argument

You should believe that the argument is already flawed and then pen down the reasons for it with the superior quality of words and right reasoning to support the argument. You do not have to be a subject matter expert to do that. The why should be addressed very systematically in the argumentative essay with solid examples and comparisons.

Start with a bang

You should begin the essay with a concrete phrase that clearly depicts that the argument is flawed. Choose the right words in the first three lines to create a good impression and a deep impact on the teachers mind. If you cannot seize the teacher’s interest in the first two or three lines then the teacher will find the essay boring and it may affect your scores.

Write within the time limit

Since you are racing against time to complete the essay you should first plan what you need to write. Think of a good punch line to start and your essay to make the right impression and score high marks.

Effective Guidelines

Use them to boost your skills and create a top grade paper.