5 Most used Antigone essay topics: what titles you should probably avoid

There is so much to think about when it comes to composing a term paper but first, the question of whether you have what it takes in terms of skills should always be above every other aspect and in which case, looking back on your progress in as far as this is concerned should be a good place to start from. How have you always performed in essay composition and are you satisfied with the grades you have always got? Progress at school should be steady even if it is slow because at the end of the day, what matters is whether you have what it takes to come up with a strong paper and also, a good topic. In this post, I lay a special emphasis on the topic. Students face challenges of varying degrees whenever they are assigned literary composition tasks and it gets even tricky when it has something to do with analyzing a book and then writing something about it with this post laying emphasis on Antigone essay prompts.
There are playwrights whose publications have stood the test of time because in one way or another, they come through as the perfect description of tragedy in plays. This is the case which one of Greek’s greatest plays, Antigone. There are many questions that usually come to mind the moment you get to read this book with the most critical one being; who is the real hero in Sophocles’ Antigone? Many arguments have always been fronted when it comes to this and so, you’ve got to compose something that will make a difference between you and another student. This post takes you through some of the most common topics often reviewed regarding the play and so take a look below for insights on topics you can avoid when writing Antigone essay because they are too common;

  • To begin with, a topic like; Write an essay on the Tragic hero Antigone is something you will occasionally come across and is worth writing about.
  • Who is the real hero is the book Antigone is also a popular topic you will be asked to partake on most of the times
  • Compare Tragedy as a theme reviewed in the Antigone and Shakespeare’s Macbeth
  • An insightful look into Creon’s biggest tragic flaw
  • Explore Death Sentence as a theme in Antigone

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